Environmental responsibility is unquestionably a priority in all of our projects.  We try to balance these goals with economic performance, but we don’t believe the goals of economic and environmental sustainability are mutually exclusive. Norton+Loft has integrated sustainability concerns from its inception with the help of renowned experts.  We have participated in the design and construction of many large scale projects, each with specific sustainability solutions.

Sustainability today revolves around the key question of carbon footprint.  Reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and not simply creating a checklist or achieving LEED points, should be the primary focus of our efforts to keep our natural environment stable.  In the building industry, excessive heating and cooling, unwarranted water run-off, and irresponsible sprawl and unsatisfactory transportation alternatives are a few of the culprits for energy waste.  Integrating a serious strategy to improve energy management in planning and construction requires a thorough analysis of the design solutions by specialized consultants.  We have participated in several Passive House/Passivhaus projects and continue to pursue the goals set by this rigorous European standard.

It is crucial to commit appropriate level funding from the start to achieve both the rigorous analysis of sustainable goals and the recommended means to achieve them.