Water Proofing & Restoration

Experts in the construction and building market agree, water is the most damaging force to a concrete structure. Water leaks and moisture damage can easily destroy your property. If you are experiencing water damage/leaks it is imperative that this problem be addressed immediately. Leaks and other damage resulting from water are amongst the most common, repetitive and aggravating problems that you can face. In addition to the outright visable damage to your home or office they can also create potential health and safety hazards with mold or unseen damage to the structure.

Norton + Loft management LLC utilizes the latest technologies and state of the art methods of waterproofing and restoration. We have a wide range of specialized services in waterproofing and restoration to remedy any issues in your basement, cellars, walls or roof line. Our certified status of these applications makes us a favorite in the market. Norton + Loft can provide you with superior protection and will make sure that your building is safe and damage free.

waterproofing strip