Safety & Certifications

Our safety record speaks for itself, demonstrating our attention to detail, complying with all of OSHA’s safety requirements and fall protection programs. We are committed to safety on the job. We use only OSHA approved equipment, operated by drug-free, trained, and certified individuals. We believe in the value of the following Basic Safety Principles for our employees and contractors:

• Believe that ALL accidents are preventable.

• Educate everyone to work safely and effectively.

• Empower everyone to anticipate hazards and maintain safe work methods on the job.

We Practice What We Believe:

It’s not enough to simply believe in a safe work environment for all – it’s also important that we are always focused on and practice site safety. In addition to the Basic Safety Principles, NORTON + LOFT continuously implements safety practices on the jobsite and throughout its organization with:

• Site Protection Plans – Prior to beginning work employees thoroughly survey the site and develop a work plan that integrates safety.

• Safety Personnel and Construction Managers are in the field daily to ensure that we provide the safest and most reliable project solutions.

• Effective Signage targeted to communicate a series of simple, yet important safety messages

• Education NORTON + LOFT believes in educating our employees. We continue to develop safer and innovative work methods to be recognized and used by our employees and contractors.

NORTON + LOFT pride itself on its highly knowledgeable and experienced Safety professionals. Through our commitment to and focus on consistent and safe work methods, NORTON + LOFT strive to ensure that all of our employees and contractors remain safe and injury-free. This powerful combination of safety awareness and safety practice embedded within our work philosophy enables our employees to complete a project correctly and safely.

NORTON + LOFT are certified by the following companies:



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