Norton Loft Story

AB General Contracting and PPW RE Holdings, LLC have announced a joint venture to create construction management firm in New York operating under the name Norton+Loft Management, LLC. These companies have a strong history of working side by side on multiple high rise construction projects in  New York City.

PPW RE Holdings, LLC has been involved with the planning, design and construction of multi-billion dollar projects throughout the world. These include numerous high profile and large scale projects such as the new kinetic Applied Sciences Laboratory at the University of South Florida, the new 1250’ tall MoMA Tower at 53 West 53rd Street, 100 Eleventh Ave, the New York Times Headquarters, the Federal Courthouse in Brooklyn and dozens of other high-rise buildings in New York City.

AB General Contracting, headed by Mr. Ali Bhutta has restored and developed a variety of residential and commercial projects in New York. With its wide and diversified experience, AB Contracting has worked in virtually every neighborhood of the New York City and has a remarkable project portfolio.

In 2012, the two companies combined their experience and knowledge to form Norton+Loft Management, LLC., a construction management firm in New York. This joint venture allows the firm to increase its capabilities and resources to meet the rising demand of the construction management industry.

At Norton+Loft, we believe in building professional relationships with each client while delivering quality results.  N+L will guide you through your project. working with you to develop and complete it based upon the individual needs and circumstances unique to each job.


N+L A Clients In House GC:

Norton+Loft Management LLC is a New York City based construction management company servicing the advanced technologies industry and the specialized residential construction market.

N+L began as a small firm catering to the construction and contracting needs of clients in the five boroughs of NYC.  It has since grown to become a leader in the market with the help of dedicated and knowledgeable staff, an innovative methodology and a commitment to excellence.  Our loyal clientele has been with us since the beginning and continues to grow with each project.

Norton+Loft Management LLC. has a thorough and comprehensive construction experience.  Versatility and experience have given us an exceptionally diverse portfolio of projects: ranging from residential to commercial, health, hospitality and more.

Norton+Loft utilize the latest technologies, trends and products on its projects.  We constantly develop new and better solutions giving us a competitive edge in the CM market.  Our focus is on the completion of a project on time, within budget with an end result that exceeds our clients’ expectations.  Norton+Loft Management LLC., makes a continuous effort towards professional excellence, a dedication to quality and a clear line of communication with our clients.